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Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37


Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37

Tin Lead Solder Bars Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 is a widely used soldering material that has played a significant role in electronics assembly and various soldering applications. It is also known as Solder Bar 63 37. Comprising 63% tin (Sn) and 37% lead (Pb), this solder alloy has a long history of providing reliable solder joints. Sn63Pb37 solder bar is a traditional soldering material that has been utilized for decades in various industries.


Specifications of Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37:

Alloy Composition

63% Tin (Sn), 37% Lead (Pb)

Melting Point



20 to 25kgs/box


XF Solder or OEM service


Features of Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37:

Classic Alloy

Sn63Pb37 solder bar is a classic soldering alloy that has been used for over decades in electronics manufacturing and other applications. Its quality has been   well approved and accepted.

Reliable Quality

Sn63Pb37 solder bar offers reliable wetting properties, electrical conductivity and mechanical property, ensuring it to produce consistent and effective solder joints.


Eutectic Composition

The 63% tin and 37% lead composition creates a eutectic alloy with a melting point that remains constant during melting at low at 183℃, making it easy to use.

Cost Effective

Solder bar 63 37 has a much more affordable cost comparing to all the lead free solder alloys. That's why many applications use this alloy.



Applications of Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37:

Electronics Assembly: Sn63Pb37 solder bar has been a staple in electronics manufacturing, commonly used for soldering through-hole components, connectors, and PCBs.


Automotive Electronics: Solder bar 63 37 finds applications in automotive electronics manufacturing due to its reliability and suitability for soldering connections in various automotive systems.


Industrial Electronics: Sn63Pb37 solder bar is used in the assembly and repair of industrial electronics, where consistent and durable solder joints are required.


Metal Joinery: Solder bar 63 37 is used for connect different sheet metals together for its good bonding strength.

Metal gutter soldering with solder bar

Joinery of Metal

Wire Tinning with solder bar

Tinning and Dip Soldering

wave soldering with solder bar

Wave Soldering


How to use Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37?

When producing electronics or electrical devices, the soldering methods are dip soldering and wave soldering. Dip soldering provides more flexible way for manufacturing which is suitable for small projects or customized projects; Wave soldering is an automatic soldering process which ensures a high yield outcome on quantity and keeps a consistent high soldering quality.


When producing metal joinery, we will use torch gun or torch soldering gun to conduct the soldering.


Precaution for Using Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 63 37:

Personal Protection: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety goggles, gloves, and a lab coat or protective clothing to minimize skin contact and prevent lead exposure.


Good Ventilation: Work in a well-ventilated area or use a fume extraction system to remove harmful fumes and gases produced during soldering.

Avoid Ingestion: Never eat, drink, or smoke while working with leaded solder, as contamination can occur through hand-to-mouth contact. And wash hands throughout after the soldering. 


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