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  • 2mm Resin Cored Tin Solder
    Resin Cored Tin SolderResin cored tin solder is a type of soldering material that is commonly used in a variety of applications, including electronics, plumbing, and jewelry making. This type of solder is made from a combination of tin and other metals, and is fluxed with a resin core that helps to Read More
  • Sn60Pb40 Rosin Core Solder for Electronics
    Rosin core solder is a type of solder that is commonly used in electronics and other applications where precise soldering is required. It is made up of a mixture of metals, typically tin and lead, that are melted together to create a cohesive and conductive material. The solder is coated with a layer of rosin, which helps to improve the flow and adhesion of the solder to the materials being joined. Read More
  • Sn63 Tin Soldering Lead 500g
    Sn63 solder is a type of alloy that is composed of 63% tin and 37% lead. Tin has a low melting point, good electrical conductivity, and low toxicity, making it a popular choice for soldering. Lead, on the other hand, has a high melting point and is less expensive than tin. The combination of tin and lead in Sn63 soldering lead results in a solder with a melting point of 183°C, making it suitable for use in low temperature applications. Read More
  • XF Solder – a Professional China Solder Manufacturer
    Our factory XF Solder is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by skilled professionals who ensure the production of high-quality solder products. Read More




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