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Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3


Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3

Solder Wire 97 3

Lead Free Tin Copper Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 is an innovative soldering material designed to provide a lead-free solution for various soldering needs, with a specific focus on plumbing applications. It's known as solder wire 97 3. Comprising 97% tin (Sn) and 3% copper (Cu), this solder alloy not only delivers effective soldering but also aligns with environmental regulations and health considerations. The copper in this solder wire alloy helps the solder to have supper wetting performance and more durable to the thermal cycle fatigue.


Specifications of Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3:

Alloy Composition

97% Tin (Sn), 3% Copper (Cu)

Melting Point


Flux Core Type

Solid wire without flux


100g/roll, 200g/roll, 500g/roll, 1kg/roll or as required

Wire Diameter

From 1.6mm to 3.2mm


XF Solder or OEM service

Different Weights of Solder Wire

Different Weight of Rolls

Different Diameters of Solder Wire

Different Wire Diameters


Features of Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3:

Lead-Free Solution

Sn97Cu3 solder wire doesn't contain lead, it complies with plumbing and boiler codes. It can be used for soldering of drinking water pipes.

Excellent Strength & Adhesion

The inclusion of copper in this solder has improved the mechanical strength, which ensues durable and reliable solder joints.

Corrosion Resistance

Adding copper in Sn97Cu3 solder wire has improved the property by of resisting to corrosion. This helps maintain the integrity of the soldered joints over time, reducing the risk of leaks and failures.

Ease of Use

Sn97Cu3 solder wire is an alloy easy to work with for both DIY plumbers and professionals. It can be used with standard soldering equipment, such as butane torches.


Applications of Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3:

Sn97Cu3 solder wire finds a prominent role in plumbing applications, where creating secure and leak-proof joints is crucial. Its lead-free nature addresses concerns related to drinking water quality and environmental impact. Plumbing professionals utilize solder wire 97 3 to join pipes, fittings, and valves in both residential and commercial plumbing systems. The solder's ability to create strong and dependable connections makes it an integral component in plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance.

plumbing soldering with solder wire

Plumbing Soldering

Metal gutter soldering with solder bar

Metal Joinery

stained glass soldering with solder wire

Stained Glass Assembly


How to use Lead Free Tin Copper Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3 97 3?

Prepare the Pipes: Cut the copper pipes into the lengths as per the plumbing system design by using a pipe cutter. And we can use sandpaper to further polish the cut ends to get rid of the burs or debris.


Apply Flux: Use brush to apply the compatible plumbing flux on the pipe ends and the inner side of the copper fittings, making sure that the area that will be joined are all covered with flux. Flux helps remove oxidation and allows the solder to flow and bond properly.


Assembly: Insert the pipe ends into the fittings while the flux is still wet.


Heat the Joint: Use a propane torch gun to heat the joint evenly. The heating is on the joint directly rather than on the solder wire. When the copper pipes and fittings turn into a reddish color that means the heating is proper.


Apply Plumbing Solder Wire Sn97Cu3: We touch this plumbing solder wire to the joint's seam. The solder will melt and spread to fill in the joint’s seam under the help of flux and the heat.


Remove Heat: Remove the torch gun when the plumbing solder has evenly filled in and covered the joints. Allow the joint to cool naturally.


Clean the Joint: After the joint has cooled, clean the excessive flux and the surface of the joints by using a damp cloth.


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