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Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5


Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5

Solder Wire 95 5

Lead Free Antimony Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 is a significant innovation in soldering technology, providing a lead-free alternative that is particularly well-suited for plumbing applications. It's also known as solder wire 95/5. Composed of 95% tin (Sn) and 5% antimony (Sb), this solder alloy offers effective soldering while adhering to environmental regulations and safety standards.


Sn95Sb5 solder wire underscores the industry's commitment to minimizing lead exposure and embracing sustainable soldering practices. With a carefully designed composition, this solder alloy ensures dependable soldering outcomes without the use of lead, making it an excellent choice for plumbing applications.


Specifications of Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5

Alloy Composition

95% Tin (Sn), 5% Antimony (Sb)

Melting Point


Flux Core Type

Solid wire without flux


100g/roll, 200g/roll, 500g/roll, 1kg/roll or as required

Wire Diameter

From 1.6mm to 3.2mm


XF Solder or OEM service

Different Diameters of Solder Wire

Wide Range of Diameters

Different Weights of Solder Wire

Wide Range of Sizes


Features of Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5

Lead Free Solution

Sn95Sb5 solder wire eliminates lead from soldering materials, promoting eco-friendliness and safer working conditions.


Plumbing solder wire 95/5 is compatible to most brands of flux that is designed for plumbing soldering.

Strong and Durable Joints

Sn95Sb5 solder wire has good mechanical strength that generates reliable solder joints, vital for plumbing connections.

Higher Melting Point

This solder wire has in a relatively higher melting point, making it well-suited for plumbing assembly where elevated temperatures may be encountered.


Applications of Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5

Sn95Sb5 solder wire is particularly designed for plumbing applications. It creates sturdy and leak-proof joints on the plumbing system. Its lead-free nature addresses concerns related to drinking water quality and environmental impact. Plumbing professionals rely on solder wire 95 5 to join pipes, fittings, and valves in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems. The solder's capability to produce robust and dependable connections plays a crucial role in plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance.

plumbing soldering with solder wire

Plumbing System Assembly

Metal gutter soldering with solder bar

Metal Workpiece Joinery


How to use Lead Free Tin Antimony Plumbing Solder Wire Sn95Sb5 95 5?

Cut and Clean the Pipes: Use a pipe cutter to cut the copper pipes as per the design of plumbing system. After cutting, use emery cloth or sandpaper to clean the cut ends to make sure they are free from burrs, oxidation, and debris.

Apply Flux: Apply plumbing flux to both the cleaned pipe ends and the inside of the fittings. Flux helps remove oxidation and allows the solder to flow and bond properly.


Assemble the Joint: Insert the cleaned pipe ends into the fittings while the flux is still wet.


Heat the Joint: Use a propane torch heat the joint evenly. Direct the heat to the joint, not the solder wire. Heat until the flux begins to bubble and the copper pipes and fittings turn a reddish color.


Apply Plumbing Solder Wire: When the joint is hot enough, touch the Sn95Sb5 solder wire to the joint's seam. The solder should melt and flow into the joint, filling the gap completely. Continue applying solder until you see it emerge around the entire circumference of the joint.


Remove Heat: As soon as the joint is properly soldered, remove the heat source. Allow the joint to cool naturally. Do not disturb or move the joint while it cools to ensure a strong bond.


Clean the Joint: After the joint has cooled, wipe away any excess flux using a damp cloth. It's essential to remove any remaining flux to prevent corrosion over time.


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