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Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50


Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50

Tin Lead Solder Paste (2)

Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50, with an even blend of 50% tin (Sn) and 50% lead (Pb), stands as a versatile soldering material. This solder paste 50 50 simplifies soldering tasks while ensuring reliable connections across various applications.


Sn50Pb50 solder paste is a mixture of solder alloy particles, flux, and binder. It is a crucial component in surface mount technology (SMT) and electronics assembly, facilitating dependable solder connections.


Specifications of Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50:

Alloy Composition

50% Tin (Sn), 50% Lead (Pb)

Melting Point


Flux Type

Rosin based flux

Powder Size

Type 3 (25-45μm), Type 4 (20-38μm)

Shelf Life

Recommended 6months




XF Solder or OEM service

*We also produce the solder paste in syringe.

Solder Paste in Syringe

Solder Paste Packed in Syringe

Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50

Solder Paste Packed in Jar


Features of Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50:

Good Performance

It has reasonable wetting properties that form strong and reliable solder joints. It provides good mechanical and electrical conductivity, making it suitable for many electronic applications.


It is compatible with a wide range of surface-mount components, making it   versatile for use in various electronic assemblies, including resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits (ICs), and more.

Smooth Solder Joints

The solder paste 50 50 produces smooth, well-shaped solder joints with low surface tension, reducing the likelihood of defects such as solder bridging.

Cost Saving

As solder paste Sn50Pb50 contains lower tin percentage than other solder alloys, it has a much lower cost. It's a nice option for projects that have limited budgets.


Applications of Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50:

It's mainly used for general repairing works or assembly of medium quality electronics.

Manual SMT soldering with solder paste

Electronics Repairing

SMT Printing with solder paste

Electronics Manufacturing


How to Use Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50?

Preparation: Ensure that your work area is clean, well-ventilated, and free of dust and contaminants. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses and gloves, to protect against exposure to solder paste and flux.


Stenciling: Place the stencil over the PCB, aligning it with the component footprints. Apply a small amount of Sn50Pb50 solder paste to one edge of the stencil. Scrape excess solder paste off the stencil to leave a consistent layer on the PCB.


Component Placement: Place surface mount components on the PCB, aligning their pads with the solder paste.


Reflow Soldering: Transfer the PCB with components into a reflow oven or appropriate soldering equipment.


Instruction on Storage and Using of Tin Lead Solder Paste Sn50Pb50 50 50:

It is recommended to store at 2°C to 10°C to prevent paste drying or degradation.


It's recommended to get the solder paste out of refrigerator 3 to 6 hours prior to using to get the paste come to the room temperature. Well mix the paste using a mixer machine or doing it manually by using spatula.


Un-finished solder paste must be well seal up again in the airtight jars to prevent contamination and moisture absorption, and put back into the refrigerator.


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