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Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn20Pb80 20 80


Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn20Pb80 20 80

Tin Lead Solder Bars

Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn20Pb80, also known as solder bar 20 80, composed of 20% tin (Sn) and 80% lead (Pb), offers a soldering alloy known for its low cost but still keeps a quite good effectiveness in various soldering tasks.

Sn20Pb80 solder bar capitalizes on the properties of tin and lead to create a soldering material that offers consistent wetting and bonding characteristics. Its composition renders it suitable for a wide range of soldering tasks, making it a popular choice in various applications.


Specifications of Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn20Pb80 20 80

Alloy Composition

20% Tin (Sn), 80% Lead (Pb)

Melting Point



20 to 25kgs/box


XF Solder or OEM service


Features of Tin Lead Solder Bar 20 80 Sn20Pb80:

High Temperature

The melting point of solder bar Sn20Pb80 is high and it's used for application that require solder joints to be more heat resistant.

Good Performance

This solder bar 20 80 has reasonable electrical conductivity and mechanical bonding strength to perform a good solder joint.

Versatile Uses

This solder alloy can well be used with different flux types, making it suitable for various uses.


Cheap Price

It's a high lead solder alloy and this makes it has a cheap price. This can the projects to achieve low manufacturing cost.


Applications of Tin Lead Solder Bar 20 80 Sn20Pb80:

Assembly of Radiators: Sn20Pb80 solder bar is another option for soldering the brass radiators besides the alloy Sn25Pb75 and Sn30Pb70. One reason is it can withstand high working temperature by maintaining a good bonding, the other reason is it has low material cost.


Electronics Assembly: Sn20Pb80 solder bar is used for assembly of PCB, electronic components and some repairing work.


Jewelry Making: It's used for assembly of decorative jewelries to create strong connection between each component.


General Metal Joinery: It's used to create require design by joining different metal workpieces together.

Dip soldering radiator with solder bar

Radiator Soldering

Metal Joinery with solder bar

Metal Soldering

Wire Tinning with solder bar

Electrical Parts Tinning


Precaution for Using Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn20Pb80 20 80:

Personal Protection: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety goggles, gloves, and a lab coat or protective clothing to minimize skin contact and prevent lead exposure.


Good Ventilation: Work in a well-ventilated area or use a fume extraction system to remove harmful fumes and gases produced during soldering.


Avoid Ingestion: Never eat, drink, or smoke while working with leaded solder, as contamination can occur through hand-to-mouth contact. And wash hands throughout after the soldering.


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