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T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

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T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

Introduction of T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

T3 Tin-Lead Solder Paste 60/40 is a high-quality soldering material specially designed for BGA (Ball Grid Array) soldering. BGA technology has become one of the mainstream technologies in modern electronic manufacturing, and high-quality soldering materials are crucial to achieving reliable BGA soldering. This article will introduce the specifications, features and main uses of this BGA solder paste.


Product specifications of T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

Solder Paste Type: Rosin Based Solder Paste

Composition ratio: 60% tin, 40% lead

Powder particle size: T3 solder paste, powder size 25-45μm

Packaging sizes: 100g/tube, 200g/tube, 500g/can and other packaging specifications are available for this BGA paste.

BGA Solder Paste 

Product features of T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

(a) High quality ingredient ratio

This Tin Lead Solder Paste uses a precise composition ratio of 60% tin and 40% lead. After strict proportioning and testing, it ensures stability and reliability during the soldering process. This ratio 60 40 solder paste can provide good soldering fluidity while ensuring the strength of the solder joint.


(b) Applicable to BGA soldering

The powder particle size of this T3 solder paste is 25-45μm, which is suitable for the soldering requirements of various BGA projects. Excellent soldering results of this BGA paste can be achieved whether in the case of small-size BGA or high-density BGA solder joints. Its precise particle size control ensures uniformity and consistency of soldering. Moreover, the melting point of 60 40 solder paste is about 190°C, the working temperature is relatively low, and it is very convenient to use.


(c) Excellent fluidity and plasticity

Tin lead solder paste 60/40 has excellent fluidity and plasticity, and can be evenly coated on the soldering surface during the soldering process to ensure the uniformity and consistency of solder joints. Its fluidity not only helps reduce soldering defects during soldering, but also increases soldering speed and efficiency.


(d) Good antioxidant properties

BGA solder paste has excellent anti-oxidation properties and can keep the soldering surface clean and smooth even at high temperatures, effectively preventing oxidation reactions during the soldering process, thereby ensuring soldering quality and reliability.

BGA Paste 

4. Main uses of the product T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

T3 solder paste 60/40 is suitable for the manufacturing and repair of various BGA soldering and electronic products. Its main uses include but are not limited to: 

Electronic equipment manufacturing industry: such as BGA soldering of PCB boards

Communication equipment manufacturing industry: BGA soldering of base stations, routers and other equipment

Automotive electronics manufacturing: such as BGA soldering of automotive control units

Industrial control system manufacturing industry: BGA soldering of PLC, DCS and other equipment

Medical equipment manufacturing industry: such as BGA soldering of medical imaging equipment, etc.


5. Usage suggestions of T3 BGA Tin Lead Solder Paste 60 40

(a) Soldering temperature and time

It is recommended to weld at a temperature of 220°C - 260°C, and the soldering time should be controlled between 5-10 seconds to ensure the stability and reliability of the soldering. Follow the reflow chart provided by the supplier.


(b) Soldering equipment requirements

It is recommended to use precision soldering equipment and process control systems to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the soldering process.


(c) Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the solder paste in a dry and ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments, to prevent the solder paste from getting damp or deteriorating.


6. Conclusion

T3 (25-45μm) Tin-Lead Solder Paste 60/40 is a BGA soldering material with excellent performance and reliable quality, suitable for various electronic manufacturing and repair scenarios. Its precise ingredient ratio, excellent fluidity and antioxidant properties, as well as its environmentally friendly and sustainable features make it a leading choice in the industry. Whether it is improving production efficiency or ensuring product quality, it can bring excellent experience and value to users.


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